How can you save more money

Save, save and save!

Once you have a nice income you have to make sure that your savings rate is going up.

Most people begin to spend more money once their income rise. But you are on a different path then ‘most’  people. Because the average person is broke. To get something most people don’t have, you need to do something what most people don’t want to do.

Savings rate is one of the key factors in your beginning of becoming above average. If you tell people that you would like to become an above average person and focus on becoming rich & free, most people will look at you like you are the freaking devil or something. Which I find strange because everybody wants and deserves a positive, great and rich life. But people don’t believe they can have it all.

People believe if you are rich, you are evil and nasty.

People believe that if you focus on having a career that you can’t have a great family life. But wealthy people believe that you can have both.

What I try to tell you is that you need to focus on your own life for advice. If the herd gives you advice and you think about it, letting your mind wander back into negativity, you will get the same results as you had before. You need to learn to follow your own mind and not get distracted by your surroundings. Don’t listen to them, but don’t even try to get into an argument with them, your just wasting your precious time that could be spent building a business.

Why should you focus on saving more?

Because when you save more money, you can invest that money into your ‘asset’ column. The only way to become rich is that you have control over your time. The way you can get control over your time is that you don’t have to work for a paycheck, rather for luxury or if you love the job you are currently doing.

Only assets can bring you this comfort. But before you get comfortable, you will need to become uncomfortable.

Example :

– Living on way less than you make, try to save 10% or more from your income and keep increasing your savings rate as you continue building your savings account.

– Driving an old and cheap car for a long time so you can save more.

– Skipping that nice dream house you and your wife want to build/buy. You can buy it later when you are free from all your stress.

– Not keeping up with your loser friends that want to keep you spending money on beer & other shit.

– Letting that new iPhone stay in stores and keep your old cell phone just a year longer. Once that ‘new’ iPhone ain’t new anymore, buy it on discount. 

These are the key ways for you to save more. Not searching for the cheapest gas station in town, saving money on buying only rice and beans, skipping that morning latte, that’s all bullshit. Do you really think a millionaire cares about $2,50 for a coffee and do you believe that will make him poor? Of course it will save ‘some’ money but it won’t make such a difference that its better not to stress about it.

You don’t need to keep thinking about that little stuff if you want to become abundance.

Saving money is fucking great, but saving on every single thing is going to depress you and it will make you quit saving. Once you keep putting away a few dollars to save on a latte or whatever, you will miss it so much that you will want to go out and spend a lot more money on a car or laptop that you like.

So you are saving pennies and because you get so depressed, you will want to go out and spend dollars.

This is not the correct way to save money.

Focus on what makes you poor.

The reason why most people are poor is that they spend too much on housing, cars and stuff. These are things we think we need to impress people we don’t like. So we have to stop trying to impress everybody with our shit. Its time to make a change for the better and save some cash, stack that paper, create more dollars for yourself.

That $300.000 house can wait and let someone else buy into that $30.000 car, you are off for a different future then the sheep. Even if people learn to save from their parents or society it is always for a car or a vacation. I definitely believe that a vacation is a great way to spend your money. But it’s not going to create an income for you and you should look for ways to put those savings to good use.

Its time to take life by the balls and go your own fucking way.

Its time to save and stack that money so you can invest it. Use it for a down payment on an investment property to create yourself some rental income. Then use that money to save more and invest that money again, so on, so on. Before you know it, you will become rich.

How are you going to save that money? How the hell can I find financing? The answers are everywhere. We have our articles that are concentrated on saving and getting out of debt.

Articles like :

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Check these out if you want to go more in detail on how to get out of debt. The number one reason why people can’t seem to find more money to save is because they all give it to their bank.

Investment financing.

How can you find financing? Well go on google and ask, why not turn around the debt position you now hold with your bank and use their money to make yourself an income. Instead of giving all your money to them? Pay off your loans so you’ll achieve a good credit score of paying them back, put down a good down payment of 10 – 50 % and you will have the opportunity to get financing for investing. The problem is in the mindset, if you keep asking such questions like how to this or how to that, you are not going to do anything to improve your situation. It’s just a form of procrastination.

If only keep thinking about problems and not solutions you won’t come up with a creative idea for a solution. Like asking someone you know that can provide for you the correct service or contacts to get you closer to your goal or how much down payment you really need to get $200.000 for an investment property, these are real and useful questions.

But first focus on your thinking, if your thinking is out of balance and still stuck in the poor mentality you won’t get the real success you want. Real succes is only achieved by being grateful what you already have. From that position on you can focus on the value that you provide and not only the money. Because purpose and happiness through growth is the only way to keep going.

Once you achieve your money goal, you can always make it bigger.

So focus on saving your money, achieving gratitude and getting a wealthy mindset.

These 3 things will keep you going and make you way happier then any material possesion you think will make you happy.

Once these 3 things are in position and you have achieved your money goal, you can celibrate with something as fun as a nice car, nice house and dream vacations. Enjoying life.

So first save your money, invest it and then spend your invested money for the nice things you would like out of life.



Until next time,

Uuldriks Financial.