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it’s time to get back to writing here on Uuldriksfinancial dot com, we’ve been away for too long and its time to bring the value back to your screen once again.

We have been away for some time because we have been moving from our rental house, to our own home. This has took me some time to adjust my life around our new location and getting things set up.

We will post another article later on where I explain why we moved and what the consequenses are on our finances, a small post on why you should focus on building your net-worth through your own home and not paying some landlord his net-worth.

I will also post about why a promotion at work is not always the most positive thing for your life and why your better off working for yourself, building your personal empire.

Future posts will focus on how to create a monthly budget, how to get rid of your car payment and why you can’t have everything in life.

So be sure to keep reading and have patience as we’ll focus on bringing you more value the upcoming days.

Until next time,

Uuldriks Financial.

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