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Everybody knows the company Apple and the products they create for us.

The IPhone, Mac book, IPad and the IMac.

The company creates these products for you and you stand in line to get them. They have a lot of power over you to go out and buy that new product every single year. Let alone black Friday where people slam each other faces in just for that new product.

Let me show you there is another way and get you off that apple treadmill shall we?

How much does Apple profit from your purchases?

Apple makes around $ in 2017 with a profit of $48.300.000.000 the same year. Can you imagine making that much money?

”Source: Wikipedia.”


It’s crazy to think that people are so addicted to their iPhone and other apple products that a ‘tech’ company makes so much money from these products. It’s not even a product that you really need in life like food.

Crazy, but it’s highly profitable capitalism at play. There are a lot of country’s that don’t even have such a high GDP as Apple produces on income a year. Costa Rica for example has a GDP worth $57,06 Billion in 2017.

Apple is also keeping up with inflation at a higher rate than the average person saves a year in %. As you can see that the prices per iPhone keeps getting higher. The prices will keep going up every single year so apple can make more money from you.

Why its dumb to pay so much for a Phone.

If you go out and want to buy a new iPhone X, it’s going to cost you $1.030.  I can’t understand that the average person goes out to buy such an expensive Phone and at the same time has more than $15.000 in credit card debt. Crying about hating your job or can’t seem to get around because you are living in a worse situation then paycheck to paycheck.

Why not start to delay your instant-gratification and use the $1.030 to start paying off that debt. Once you have paid off the credit card debt you can use that money to invest it for your future. When you pay off your credit card balance, you have money left over and you can use the same amount for that payment to save towards your iPhone.

The problem is with these products is that every single year Apple knows how to magically create a new beautiful product and sell millions of them. Even for a higher price then the year before, making your Phone from last year depreciate like crazy.

Because your such an addict to the latest and newest bullshit, you go out and buy it for $1.200. Once you have your new one and sell your old one for around $750 it costs you around $450 every year on depreciation costs. Just to have the latest one. But somehow a lot of the people buying these products keep whining how the rich are getting richer and they are getting poorer. We’ll if you keep buying depreciating items, you are just blowing your ‘most’ taxed income away.


How much does this habit costs you?

Just to buy a new iPhone every year is going to costs you $40 every single month, not regarding any debt created by the Phone or any cell Phone plan. This money is just depreciation every time you sell it.

If you use that $40 to pay off that credit card debt and just invest it for a while you can at least make that money work for you instead for apple.

Invest it for 10 years and you will finally have a nice emergency fund incase your new iPhone ‘accidentally’ falls into the toilet. (happened to me before).

Lets say you take that $1.030 you wanted to use for that Phone and put it to good use. And for the rest of 10 years you invest just $40 a month. Where would we end with just such a little payment that anyone can afford it?

After 10 years your $1.030 and $40 a month turns to $9.652,86. Using an average of 8% a year. Is an expensive Phone really worth 10 grand for you? For me it isn’t.

Say you never buy into that marketing tactic when your young and you keep investing that $40 for 40 years. You’ll end up with $165.572,84 !!! 

Just put $40 bucks every month into a 8% fund and don’t think about it for those years!

Is that stupid Phone worth a freaking house? Hell no.

A depriciating item is not a very bad deal if you keep it for a very long time, like a car, furniture that is not too expensive and a cheap house so you lower your monthly expenses. But the problem with most cell phones today is that they are updated so much every single year that they will make you buy the new one, because your old one is getting too slow to handle all that software.

I would say unless you already have a lot of cash or you make money with your cell Phone, you should not invest too much into a Phone. There are a lot of 1 year old models that depreciated 40 – 60% and can give you the same utility that the new Phone brings.

My rule is if you want a ‘luxury’ gadget/product, be sure to have 10x the amount of money that product is worth, cash in the bank. This way you can be sure to never let consumerism have a big impact on your net worth. And no you don’t NEED that new iPhone just because you want to impress people who don’t really give a shit about you. Believe me that 100 years ago people didn’t die because they couldn’t update their Facebook page.

With the money you save on your purchase you can invest or do something useful with your family like sending you kids to college or whatever.

So stop wasting your money on luxury gadgets unless your business calls for them.

Until next time,

Uuldriks Financial.




Uuldriks finance

We are focused on getting people like you out of debt, how to start saving money and how you can be more of value to other people, so you can have a bigger income in the future. Be sure to ask any questions and contact us on this website or our mail @

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Uuldriks finance

Uuldriks finance

We are focused on getting people like you out of debt, how to start saving money and how you can be more of value to other people, so you can have a bigger income in the future. Be sure to ask any questions and contact us on this website or our mail @

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