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Do you live for your house?

Do you currently have a big housing payment?

The average mortgage payment in 2018 is currently $1,030 / monthThis is excluding :

  • Private mortgage Insurance.
  • Property taxes.
  • Home owner Insurance.
  • A leaky roof.

This will certainly come to a price more like $1.300 / month.  Do you really want to keep paying that every month for 30 years or more like your entire life??

What if you sell that enormous house that is costing you an arm & a leg every month and downsize to a smaller house, get some equity out of that mansion and use it as a down payment on your new (Smaller) house.  Taking that monthly payment from $1.300 to $500 / month.  So you pocket that other $800Month in your wallet and invest in some ‘freedom’ accounts.

These ‘Freedom’ accounts can give freedom for your family to do whatever the fuck you want.

Things like :

  • Working fewer hours, enjoying more time home with your wife and children.
  • Spend money in other area’s of your life.
  • Saving and paying cash for your dream car.
  • Travelling more and discover that your monthly payments keep you stuck working your ass off for the ‘man’.
  • Coming to your damn senses that this materialistic stuff and marketing from Banks keeps you away from your dream life.

I currently think the mortgage payment is the biggest cash flow killer in the western world, especially with this high housing market. Prices are getting bubbly again and it will certainly pop like a fireworks party on the 4th of July.

The only reason why you should get in Real estate is if you want to invest in rental appartements or you just got enough dough lying around to pay the entire house off.

You know where the word mortgage comes from? From the old French word ‘Mort gage’ and it means ‘Death Pledge’. 


Damn, you really want to work for a house untill you die?? Not me.

So what to do with that extra cash lying around? And what do I mean with ‘Freedom’ accounts?

Stuff like investing in yourself through education to get a better J.O.B, more income from your job because you get more valuable to your employer instead of watching Facebook 7 hours in your 8 hour workday because the J.O.B is boring ass fuck.

Taking that $800 / month and invest it in stocks, bonds, real estate and more importantly your own ‘Brand’.

Your ‘Brand’ is like what Victor Pride calls ‘You inc’. Building a business around you, how you are and what ‘YOU’ like… Building your reputation by selling and marketing yourself. What do you have to offer to the world around you?

Building a business is the best thing you can do, because it’s the most fun and it won’t feel like work because you ain’t making somebody else rich other than yourself. Ain’t nobody got rich working a ‘Just over broke job.

A business can be anything from lawn mowing grass in your neighborhood to selling billion dollars of real estate, everything will feel better than wasting your goddamn time selling yourself to the ‘BOSS‘.  I would say fuck the ‘BOSS‘ and be the damn BOSS. Act like a man and find a way to be of value in this world.

Build something for yourself now because nobody retiring anymore in a few years.

Before we leave, be sure to check out Victor Pride’s content on BOLD AND DETERMINED.

He has a lot of good stuff on this money ‘thing’.

until next time,

Uuldriks Financial.



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